The hit parade for Little Big Town looks like it's going to keep rolling with ' The Reason Why,' the third single and title track from their 2010 album, following the recent smash 'Kiss Goodbye.'

The song has cross-format world domination written all over it, as equal numbers of country, rock and pop influenced moments take their turns popping up throughout this peppy, frothy guitar-based confection.

We hate to spoil it for everyone, but the 'reason why' turns out to be ... you! Well, not each and every one of you, but since they don't name names, for three-and-a-half minutes you can pretend that it's the power of your love and personality that's got the band willing to move large mountains in your honor:

"You're the reason why / Baby you're the only reason why / Don't wanna say goodnight / Keep kissing me / Don't wanna say goodnight / Yeah it feels so right / Everything is gonna be alright / You're the reason why."

Little Big Town recently attended the Grammy Awards, like most of the other big country stars. Unlike many of their peers, they documented much of the red carpet hijinks and posted the results here on their own website.

Listen to Little Big Town, 'The Reason Why'