Good or bad, your first concert was probably an unforgettable experience. There is no doubt a 4-year-old boy who recently attended a sold out Luke Combs concert will never forget that night.

"This Is So Crazy"

TikTok user laurennicolelynn recently shared a video of her son in the crowd as Combs plays "Fast Car" at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

"That moment you knew taking your Luke Combs obsessed 4-year-old to his concert was 1,000% worth it. Wait for it," Lauren writes on the video.

As Combs works his way through the song, the camera pans down to her young son, who is in awe of the scene inside the stadium.

"This is so crazy," the boy exclaims to his mom. "I don't know how all of these people in the stadium know this song."

Sure enough, fans can be seen on the big screens inside the stadium, singing along with every word as Combs hits the chorus to "Fast Car."

The adorable boy just sits wide-eyed and speechless as he suddenly realizes the immensity of a Luke Combs live show.

The video is resonating with other parents who have recently shared their love of live music with their young children.

"Took my five-year-old to see Ed Sheeran," TikTok user kkrissstin comments on the video. "He came out and she yelled 'omg mommy, he's a real person.' Waterworks."

Another commenter feels the video makes a strong case for regularly taking young kids to concerts.

"This made me cry," rachel_fresh writes, "Normalize taking our littles to concerts."

The mother of the boy revealed her son was well behaved and into the rest of the concert. She is already looking forward to their next show. "Would do it 100 times over," she says.

Combs will next take his tour to Europe for a string of dates starting Sept. 30.

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