Luke Combs might be one of country music's most popular stars, but from the looks of it, his all-time biggest fan is his (almost) one-year-old son, Tex.

In honor of Father's Day on Sunday (June 18), the singer's wife Nicole shared a photo of Combs and Tex at home together. In the image, Combs is sitting cross-legged and strumming a guitar while baby Tex watches from his seat on the carpet.

"Happy Father's Day to Tex's dad!!" Nicole wrote. "He is so lucky to have a role model like you in his life. You're crushing the dad game. We all love you."

Father's Day is extra special for Combs' family, because last year, Tex was born on the holiday itself. Father's Day 2022 fell on June 19, meaning that Tex will turn one year old on Monday -- just one day after this year's Father's Day celebration.


Tex is the Combs' first child, but he won't be their only for much longer. Back in March, the singer and his wife announced that they were "joining the 2 under 2 club." They're expecting their second child -- another boy -- in September.

Also in March, Combs dropped his newest album, Gettin' Old: An 18-song collection that includes a heartfelt ode to his son and fatherhood called "Take You With Me."

The birth of Combs' second son will likely fall during a nearly month-long break in the singer's 2023 World Tour, which launched in March and will continue through October. The back half of those dates are international, with Combs planning shows in Australia, Scandinavia, the U.K. and more countries.

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