Country newcomers Maddie & Tae are proving they're here to have a little fun. The duo covered 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor and made the doo-wop sound a lot more country.

The duo, comprised of Maddie Marlow and Taylor Elizabeth Dye, sound like they have influences that span beyond country music. Their country sound expanded to include a cover of Trainor's hit song that is a little pop and a whole lot of doo-wop. The single was released in June and had one positive purpose -- to help spread positive body image for both men and women. The song with the catchy beat was co-written by Trainor and even though Maddie and Tae don't know all the words, their cover is one to be proud of.

In the cover, the girls giggle and sing along with an acoustic guitar. "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the's pretty clear I ain't no size 2, but I can shake it, shake it like I'm supposed to do," the girls sing in their country version. Maddie and Tae harmonize together, getting a minute in before one of them asks, "What's the part where she goes 'that booty booty, uh, that booty, booty'...that's my favorite part of the whole song."

Then, they talk about wanting do a cover of the wildly popular Jason Derulo song 'Wiggle,' which also pays tribute to a woman's backside. They cut directly into the song, wondering how they'll make a country version of the rap song. Somehow they do -- even if it is a little brief. Check out the fun covers, as performed on radio station Country 92.5 in Hartford, Ct.

Listen to Maddie and Tae Cover 'All About That Bass'

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