It's not just that Walmart Boy Mason Ramsey released an original song called "Famous" on Friday, it's how he released it.

With the help of Jake Owen's record label (Big Loud, in partnership with Atlantic Records), the 11-year-old Walmart yodeler introduces his more sensitive side with a beyond-his-years message about true love being more important that any of life's more frothy attractions, like appearing on The Ellen Show, millions of social media impressions and a spot at the Grand Ole Opry.

"Famous" is a love song.

"If I'm gonna be famous for something I'm gonna be famous for loving you / If I'm gonna be known around the world, I want it because of you girl," he sings. Ramsey had some help with his country debut. The song was written by four Nashville powerhouses: Sarah Buxton, Canaan Smith, Corey Crowder and Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard.

Surprisingly, and perhaps disappointingly, "Famous" does not find Ramsey yodeling, though a lyric video does find him in his trademark duds. He shows appreciation for the attention his new fans have shown, but if he hears "congratulations," he wants it to be "because we made it another five years / Best thing I got is right here."

If you're just catching up, Ramsey became famous when video of him yodeling in a home goods aisle of a Walmart went viral earlier this month. Within days he was on Ellen and the Grand Ole Opry stage. He'd later play Coachella. His Instagram followers mushroomed from 300K on April 7 to over 1.6 million as of April 27.

The song the kid chose to yodel at that time was Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues," but he's much more dynamic.

Who Is Mason Ramsey? 

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