Viral fame is a hard thing to navigate. In the case of "Walmart Boy" Mason Ramsey, it came on like a freight train. The young country singer shot to instant fame after clips of him yodeling at Walmart went viral. His charm and resemblance to a very young Hank Williams won him a spot playing at Coachella, and he's also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. He even has his very own record deal now!

However, Ramsey proved on Wednesday (May 23) that he's still grounded enough to think of his friends. He posted a picture on Instagram with a buddy, and explained that he'd let his pal down due to his new work responsibilities that came up. However, he made sure to make good and give his friend a special gift to make up for it.

"This is my best friend Menno. A few weeks ago we were supposed to go to a baseball game but I had to cancel and go work on music in Nashville," Ramsey says. "I got to see him today and surprised him with this Xbox! Never forget your friends!"

We're sure that the gaming system was a welcome surprise, but also that Minnow must have been more touched by the fact his best buddy took the time to make sure his feelings weren't hurt over the missed hang time.

Ramsey may be only 11 years old, but he has a refreshingly mature outlook on his sudden fame. "Twenty-eight days ago I was yodeling inside my local Walmart to 11 people. This past weekend I performed in front of 100,000 people at Stagecoach," he tweeted last month. "It’s amazing what can happen in just a month."

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