This isn't a review of Morgan Wallen's One Thing at a Time album as much as it is a dissection. Here are all 36 songs ranked, with explanations and clips (where available).

Duets with Eric Church, Ernest and Hardy stood out when the tracklist was first released, but we prefer Wallen's solo songs best. God and the Bible, traditional country music and heartbreak are three big themes across an album that's far more dynamic than either of his previous releases.

One Thing at a Time is a monster of a project that's reveals quite a bit about who Wallen is. Certain songs explore how he grew up, while others are set in his hometown. He's reflective, but not apologetic. As per usual, he's regretting a love lost far more than he's celebrating a new romance, but there is at least one great love song on the project (see song No. 22).

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Scroll down to see all 36 songs and then free to drop us a note on Twitter if you think we nailed it or (more likely), you think we're way off.


Morgan Wallen's One Thing at a Time Album, Songs Ranked:

1. "Everything I Love"  — Wallen borrows a sample from the Allman Brothers Band ("Midnight Rider") to make this traveling song work. It's an ear worm unlike any he's ever released, but lyrically his story of forgotten love sticks to the soul. Hopefully Big Loud releases this song to radio next.

2. "Ain't That Some" — As promised, Wallen's hip-hop influences stand out on One Thing at a Time. "Ain't That Some" is the best of them. Expect this song to be huge in clubs in 2023 and beyond.

3. "Last Night" — The lyric that bumps "Last Night" up to No. 3 on this list of ranked songs from One Thing at a Time goes like this: "No way it was our last night / I kissed your lips / Made you grip the sheets with your fingertips." We're blushing, Morgan!

4. "Keith Whitley" — Credit Wallen for pushing himself vocally on "Keith Whitley," a tribute song that calls out some of the legend's best titles.

5. "One Thing at a Time" — At its best, One Thing at a Time delivers funky guitar lines over Wallen's heartbreak. This throwback stands out among the many creative guitar choices.

6. "You Proof" — It's likely you've heard this song once or twice on the radio.

7. "'98 Braves" — If you had to cull One Thing at a Time Down to 12 songs, "'98 Braves" would make the cut. The acoustic strummer is a clever — if specific — metaphor for a love gone wrong.

8. "Thought You Should Know" — Wallen's most recent No. 1 song was co-written by Miranda Lambert.

9. "Outlook" — Morgan Wallen's sister joins him across multiple verses of "Outlook." Their blend is compelling.

10. "Don't Think Jesus" — It's surprising how much God and religion show up on Wallen's third studio album. This contemplative ballad is the best of songs that explore this part of the singer's raising.

11. "Tennessee Fan" — Songs that use University of Tennessee football as a vehicle for a love story are becoming quite common in country music. This sweet lyric is a genuine sentiment for the writer.

12. "Thinkin' Bout Me" — Wallen flexes a bit on this trap song. His cool, confident delivery sells his sexy message.

13. "I Deserve a Drink" — "I Deserve a Drink" is a real conundrum that strives to capture the feeling of a man longing for a drink he knows he shouldn't have. Effective steel guitar helps move this song to No. 13 on our list of songs from One Thing at a Time, ranked.

14. "Sunrise" — Should Wallen choose to perform large portions of One Thing at a Time live, he'll need to memorize a heck of a lot of lyrics. "Sunrise" is a mouthful that ends with a cool metaphor.

15. "180 (Lifestyle)" — If you love "Ain't That Some" you'll love "180 (Lifestyle)," its sibling song.

16. "Born With a Beer in My Hand" — The album opener doesn't grab the listener by the collar and demand attention. Instead, "Born With a Beer in My Hand" is an acoustic story about Wallen's battle with his demons. A strong lyric and melody need a better arrangement to rank higher here.

17. "Hope That's True" — Sonically, "Hope That's True" stands out as a quasi-beachy heartbreak song on One Thing at a Time. Once again a steel guitar builds a compelling track.

18. "Cowgirls" (Feat. Ernest) — The collaborations on One Thing at a Time aren't among our favorite songs on Wallen's new album. This hip-hop inspired duet with Ernest is the best of the three.

19. "I Wrote the Book" — The '80s style guitar Wallen relies on during "Everything I Love" returns here, paired with a drum track and power melody.

20. "Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby)" — You're not likely to put your baby down to sleep with "Neon Star." It's a barroom lullaby that clips along quickly.

21. "Man Made a Bar (Feat. Eric Church)" — Wallen and his hero Eric Church team up for "Man Made a Bar," a song that takes the story of God's creation one day further.

22. "Dying Man" — This closing song wraps the album with a story of redemption in the arms of a good woman. Even though Wallen has released nearly 100 songs, he's yet to release a true love song to radio. "Dying Man" may be his finest example of his beating heart to date.

23. "Whiskey Friends" — You can actively hear Wallen and his team trying to stretch their sound across One Thing at a Time, an album that's far more dynamic than any he's released to date. "Whiskey Friends" is an example of that flex, but it's a bit buried by others that find a winning formula.

24. "Single Than She Was" — This is a story song over a pretty creative synth arrangement that feels both modern and traditional. It's a strong song that many will rank higher than we did.

25. "Tennessee Numbers" — No one will label Morgan Wallen's One Thing at a Time a traditional album, but he uses traditional elements with frequency. The steel guitar on this song is another example of his team's creative use of organic instruments.

26. "Me + All Your Reasons" — If One Thing at a Time was a circle with the edgiest songs on the outer rim, "Me + All Your Reasons" would be in the dead center.

27. "Devil Don't Know" — "Devil Don't Know" includes this standout lyric: "Been trying to drown these demons / But damn if they don’t swim." Many Wallen fans will appreciate his Bible references, while others may find it to be too much.

28. "Days That End in Why" — At his best, Wallen's most personal songs are introspective. When he doesn't get it quite right, it sounds like he's feeling sorry for himself.

29. "Money on Me" — These next two songs are opposites. "Money on Me" finds the singer telling a girl that he's not a safe bet ...

30. "Me to Me" — ... while "Me to Me" (five songs later on the album) is an uptempo bop that asks a girl to bet on him. Which song is better will depend on your mood.

31. "F150-50" — Many Morgan Wallen fans would include "F150-50" as a Top 10 song on this list, but we found better lyrics and arrangements.

32. "Last Drive Down Main" — "Last Drive Down Main" opens with a hook that's among the least memorable on this album. It should be a great singalong should he choose to play it live, however.

33. "In the Bible" (Feat. Hardy) — Hardy and Morgan Wallen are too similar vocally, and thus, this acoustic country boy narrative never takes off.

34. "Had It" — When One Thing at a Time was announced, we wrote that because Cuban-American rapper Alex Eskeerdo Izquiedo was a co-writer, this song would "lean hard into (Wallen's) hip-hop influences." They must have had a good chuckle over that, because it sure doesn't. Instead, we get Eric Church vibes.

35. "Good Girl Gone Missin'" — This is among the more muted vocal performances on the album. A thin, acoustic guitar lick holds the arrangement up.

36. "Wine Into Water" — One song had to be last, and "Wine Into Water" is it for us. The arrangement and lyrics are a bit heavy-handed.

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