Neil Perry of sibling trio the Band Perry is one heck of a mandolin player, but his talent doesn't stop there. In addition to his musical gifts, Perry proved in a recent interview that she has some serious acting chops, too.

Recently, the Perry siblings spent five minutes with Connecticut country radio station 92.5 to answer five questions. When the interviewer asked if any of the Perrys had an interest in acting, Neil jumped at the opportunity to show off his Luke Bryan impersonation.

"Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you, baby / Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy?" Perry belted out from the chorus of Bryan's hit song, 'I Do.'

Somehow, Neil managed to feign a spot-on rendition of Bryan's country twang. And then, he added, "Thank you very much; I'm Luke Bryan" in the same voice.

The real question, though, is whether or not Neil Perry can shake his hips like like the 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me)' hitmaker. Perry looked dubious and slightly moved his hips before throwing up his hands and admitting defeat. "You know, I really can't," he admitted. "I really don't even want to try -- he does it so good!"

Looks like Neil Perry has a little work to do to if he wants to start acting someday.

The Perry trio -- who always seems to have a good time together on camera and off -- also opened up about more serious things, like the characteristics of great country music and the importance of their tour rider.

"I think a great country song is a great story," Kimberly Perry explained. "Even though we're musicians and performers, the first thing that we consider ourselves are the chief storytellers."

So they can continue to tell great stories with lots of energy on stage, the Perrys admitted that their tour rider is pretty specific -- and it comes with a few small diva moments. Kimberly has to have lukewarm water, because cold water causes her vocal chords to seize up. Also, she needs lots of healthy snacks and tons of sweet tea.

Jump to 1:45 in the video above to check out Neil's Bryan impression.