Dustin Lynch grew up around country music, and it didn't take the 29-year-old singer long to realize he'd rather be a "superhero" like Garth Brooks than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Lynch stopped by Taste of Country's studio to discuss the legend, as well as his influences and his very first band.

Lynch has vivid memories of being with his parents as a kid and always, always listening to country radio, whether working on dirt bikes, boats or just riding in his dad's truck. "I fell in love with that lifestyle, and you know, those good memories," he explains. "Obviously, music brings back memories for all of us, and I had a great childhood."

Like most boys his age, a young Lynch was a fan of the Ninja Turtles and Batman, but one day he transitioned into a No. 1 fan of Garth Brooks. The 'Where It's At' singer admits that the country legend was the only superhero he needed.

"He was this bigger-than-life rockstar, and he is still is, gosh, 20 years later," Lynch gushes.

Although, despite his love of country music, Lynch's first band wasn't quite what you would expect. He was in an Incubus cover band! Luckily, the rock music didn't stick, and the singer moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of doing country, learning "patience" along the way.

Lynch's sophomore album, 'Where It's At,' was released Tuesday (Sept. 9) on Broken Bow Records. It's available to download here.