Nick 13 brings a new age of hillbilly honky-tonk by blending rockabilly and rock 'n' roll into his solo efforts, like his song 'Carry My Body Down,' which is available for a free download below.

The singer, who made a name for himself as a founding member of Tiger Army, debuted his solo project at the 2010 Stagecoach country music festival, just before Ray Price and Merle Haggard hit the stage. Now, the Sugar Hill Records artist is ready to show the world that he's got the talk to match the walk.

"This track has a strong Western music influence. I thought about the desert when I was writing it. I don't know quite where the lyrics come from -- sometimes they just pour onto the page from my subconscious, and this song is an example of that," he says of 'Carry My Body Down,' citing Marty Robbins and the original Burl Ives' 'Ghost Riders In the Sky' as musical influences.

"I think about how far I've come and what's been left behind," he sings before leading into the chorus. "When will they carry my body down? When will they carry my body down? / Will they take it from the river after I've jumped right in and drowned? / Will they find it on the battlefield, on the spot I stood my ground?"

"This song is a reflection on mortality. None of us know how long we have or when we'll go," he says. "Since we can't answer these particular questions, we have to ask others: Are we making the most of the time we have? At the end of the trail, can we look back and say we did our best with what we were given? In the end, I think these are the things that matter most."

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