Old Dominion bring their latest single to life via video game in the "No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" video.

The guys get creative with the concept by stepping into an alternate reality where they're all characters in a video game, seeing themselves in all sorts of fun scenarios that serve as different rounds in the game, from riding on the back of a customized Old Dominion garbage truck to going into "Survival Mode" while being chase down the street by rabid fans.

The song takes the bandmates across a series of entertaining scenes, like when lead singer Matt Ramsey throws rose petals in the air as they walk past a couple getting married inside a chapel, with a variety special effects mixed in along the way. It's hard not to notice Ramsey's impeccable dexterity as he manages to catch his red microphone when it drops out of the sky at any given time, even as he's soaring through the sky like Superman.

“We love feel-good songs. Sometimes you just want to put on something that makes you smile," Ramsey says. "It’s a big part of who we are, but we definitely wanted to show that we were capable of writing more than just fun, party tunes. We think we have the potential to be around for a long time. To stick around you have to have meaningful songs."

"No Such Thing as a Broken Heart" serves as the first single off the band's upcoming sophomore album with an anticipated release date in summer of 2017.

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