Old Dominion’s brazen charm returns on “Snapback,” the second single from the Meat and Candy album. Singer Matthew Ramsey’s audaciousness isn’t oft-putting on this catchy pickup song. You get the feeling that — like he did in “Break Up With Him” — he’ll probably get what he’s after.

How’s this for a pickup line? “Strictly out of curiosity / What would happen if you got with me / Kissing you would hit the spot with me / Come and skip a couple rocks with me.”

He could be talking to some beauty he’s met previously, but it's more fun to imagine him swaggering up to a cutie at the bar. Beyond Ramsey's cheeky open, the song is marked by tight phrasing, sneaky high harmonies and sharp lyrics. Every rhyme snaps into place with satisfaction. Credit the songwriters, but also give a nod to producer Shane McAnally for creating a fresh sound that fits this group’s personality.

“Those stars need to be wished on / Your skin needs to be kissed on / My eyes, baby, they’re fixed on you and your snapback / T-shirt and of favorite rock band / Checking your makeup in my Ray-Bans / Breaking hearts like only you can / In your snapback,” Ramsey and company sing at the chorus.

For the aging country fan, a “snapback” is a style of ball cap. It often has a flat brim, and always is adjustable in the back. The remaining references in this delectable piece of R&B-influenced country music bridge generations.

“Come on baby shoot a smile at me / Midnight selfie on a balcony / A little something for my lock screen / You’re burning a hole in my pocket / We got the beat, let’s drop it.”

In a way, Old D take an "if it ain't broke" philosophy to releasing country singles. They're building a brand as the most fun band in any room. If you were at a party, this character is who you'd want to follow, maybe with a pen and paper so you can steal some of his game.

Key Lyrics: "Those stars need to be wished on / Your skin needs to be kissed on / My eyes, baby, they’re fixed on you and your snapback."

Did You Know?: Producer and songwriter Shane McAnally suggested the Meat and Candy album title.

Listen to Old Dominion, "Snapback"

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