"Rich Men North of Richmond" star Oliver Anthony is about to be a father.

The singer shared news of his growing family in a social media post that also announced his upcoming hometown show in Farmville, Va. on Oct. 28. This show -- set to take place at Farmville's Joan Perry Brock Center -- will be his last for a while as he focuses on his baby-to-be.

"I had to squeeze in one more show before our baby boy comes at the beginning of November, and there's no place like home," he said in the caption of his post, adding that he's making the event extra special for Halloween, too.

"We may or may not have gotten a gorilla suit. I'll leave it at that. If you want to bring a costume, no one is going to stop you," Anthony added.

So far, Anthony hasn't shared all that much about his personal life. Citing two local music industry sources, The New York Post previously reported that he has a wife named Tiffany and two older children, not counting the baby boy he's expecting to welcome next month. His dogs are the most visible part of his family to fans; they frequently appear in the performance videos he puts out.

Since the viral success of "Rich Men North of Richmond," Anthony has been working to grow his musical output while still being careful to keep his shows affordable to fans. He recently announced that he's working with two Nashville-based UTA reps to book his shows. He's also been putting out new music, like the song "Rich Man's Gold."

On social media, Anthony also indicated that while he's home after the birth of his new baby, he'll be working on new music for release next year.

"I'll be home most of November and December and working on writing brand new songs for early 2024 release," he wrote in a post. "I have dozens of unfinished songs that have been put on the backburner in the whirlwind of the last two months."

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