Parker McCollum says his new song "Young Man's Blues" is a song he'd knew he'd always write but it took one of his favorite co-writers to coax the story out of him. The "Pretty Heart" singer dropped the new music video for the song on Friday (Aug. 14).

Randy Montana helped the Texan write "Young Man's Blues," McCollum's tribute to his raising and his recognition of how hard it has been to leave home behind. The music video features clips of a T-shirt-clad singer on motorbike and horseback, walking along a dirt trail and a paved country road as he sings about old friends who may have forgotten him at this point.

"It just might be the hardest thing I do / Memory lane won't let me roll on through / Well it just might be the hardest thing I do / I can't seem to shake these young man's blues," he sings at the chorus.

The 28-year-old says he's been trying to stay a kid in recent years, but when he sat down with Montana, he knew which song it was time to write. "This song was bound to happen at some point," the singer shares in a press release. "'Young Man’s Blues' was the best way I could describe what is constantly on my mind these days ... This is the most honest I've been with myself in a song since 'Pretty Heart.'"

McCollum calls George Strait and John Mayer two of his musical heroes and recently recalled to Taste of Country Nights the time he got to meet the King.

"He was sitting down in a chair," he recalls, "and we walked over and he stood up and I said, 'Hey George, I'm Parker' ... he said, 'I hear you're killing it, keep up the good work.'"

Those words can certainly cure a young man's blues.

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