Christmas is a time for odd family traditions to take center stage, which is a phenomenon that often rears its head in musical/band families as well. The guys in Rascal Flatts are certainly no strangers to spending a lot of time together, so it stands to reason they probably have some holiday habits in common.

Indeed: In an interview with Taste of Country, singer Gary LeVox caused some confusion by noting the following: "We all put on the same pajamas."

Come again? Like, all three of the band members wear the same pajamas?

"Match. We match each other," explains Joe Don Rooney.

Oh. Okay, then, but there are still a few questions, here...Such as, what do these well-coordinated jammies happen to look like?

"Every year it's different," explains Jay DeMarcus. "The wives usually pick out a set for the kids and the parents to match."

Wait a minute. So you mean ...?

DeMarcus confirms: "We don't match each other. We match family."

Finally! We got that cleared up. Phew!

While we're glad to know that PJ coordination is kept as a private family activity, we're also glad to know that Rascal Flatts are continuing a successful run. The trio's latest album, Back to Us, debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart and No. 11 on the all-genre Billboard 200 in 2017; and they completed a multi-date Vegas residency in October.

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