After releasing the title-track of their new album 'Changed' to iTunes last Tuesday, Rascal Flatts have revealed a new song. The trio put 'Hot in Here' up for sale this week, two weeks before the full album becomes available.

'Hot in Here' is a sexy, mid-tempo ride with a cute someone in the car next to you. Gary LeVox sings about how this girl's presence is causing him to sweat in all the right ways.

"That little cotton dress ain't helpin' none / 'Bout to run me off the road," he sings. Then, she puts a hand on his leg, leaving the singer with a fever he's in no hurry to cool.

The chorus will nestle between two folds of the brain after a single listen. "But it's hot, hot, hot in here / Oh so hot, hot, hot in here / Oh I can't take her anywhere / It's so hot, hot, hot in here."

Fans can celebrate the April 3 released of 'Changed' by attending a nationwide theater broadcast of a live concert. The 'Changed: One Night Exclusive Theater Event' is set for April 5.

Listen to Rascal Flatts, 'Hot in Here'