There’s a timeless quality to Rascal Flatts’ love songs, like their latest ‘Rewind.’ It’s a song that could appear on any of the group’s eight previous studio albums. Gary, Jay and Joe Don have a signature sound, and they’ve remained loyal to it for almost 15 years.

The influence of rock producer Howard Benson on this new track isn’t immediately obvious. Dann Huff had produced the group’s five previous albums, but the trio decided it was time to change directions. Tight harmonies, saccharine lyrics and a big guitar solo make this song enjoyable. It’s a familiar formula.

“Wish I could reach up and reset that sun / Reverse these wheels go back and re-pick you up / It went by so fast, oh so sweet / Make me wanna remake a memory / Wish I had me a time machine,” Gary LeVox sings to open 'Rewind' after an acoustic introduction that’s garnished with a high-pitched slide guitar.

The chorus provides a unique way of getting Rascal Flatts' romantic statement through to their audience. The song's message is more sweet than sexy. The Eric Paslay co-written track is a PG-rated song aimed at a large audience.

Oh I’d throw the moon back up in the sky / Put the cork back into that sweet red wine / Put your midnight hair back up / So you can let it fall one more time / Untouch your skin / Unkiss your lips and kiss ‘em again / So good, so right / This is one night I’m wishing I could rewind.”

A George Strait name-check in the second verse is clever, as it works in two ways. First, it’s an early request for the legend to keep touring, but within the context of this song, it’s a nod to the singer’s finest love songs, which inspired this beautiful evening. ‘Rewind’ doesn’t work along the edge of one's emotions, so it may take time to provide the buzz the group intended. Longtime fans will really appreciate it from the start.

Why Fans Will Love It: It's similar to Rascal Flatts' signature love songs.

Key Lyrics: "Untouch your skin / Unkiss your lips and kiss ‘em again / So good, so right / This is one night I’m wishing I could rewind”

Did You Know?: Producer Howard Benson previously worked with rock acts like Bon Jovi, Daughtry and Hoobastank, in addition to Santana and pop acts like Kelly Clarkson.

Listen to Rascal Flatts, ‘Rewind’

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