Rascal Flatts celebrated the release of their new music video "Yours If You Want It" over breakfast at Nashville's Hermitage Cafe on Thursday morning (March 16). The old-school diner also happens to be the set of the video, which stars Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Chase) and Kevin Farley (The Waterboy, Still the King).

The country trio treated local media to any breakfast item they wanted on the menu. The menu itself lines the eatery's walls, and because the Hermitage Cafe's staff opened early for the band, they also got an exclusive sneak peak at the video, which premiered today.

Longtime friend of Rascal Flatts, Billy Zabka (Karate Kid, Most) directed the music video, and in a behind-the-scenes clip he explains that his relationship with the band goes back to before the trio formed.

"I knew Jay back when he was in East to West before he was a Rascal Flatts," Zabka shares. "We're good friends, we're like brothers from another mother. I'm really thankful they called me up and gave me another shot to do video No. 2."

Zabka previously directed the band's video for "Why Wait," and the guys rave about working with him.

"Billy's so easy to shoot with because he doesn't give you any direction and he really has no idea what he's doing," Gary LeVox jokes. "It's so great, it just flies right by."

The video itself paints the picture of an unlikely couple finding love at the Hermitage Cafe, albeit with a twist. Rascal Flatts play the restaurant's staff with Joe Don Rooney as a 16-year-old wearing a mouth guard and strumming a broom as a guitar, while LeVox is in charge of the grill where he frequently sings at the top of his lungs, upsetting patrons.

The restaurant's location holds special meaning to the band also, as Rooney admits they used to frequent it for breakfast ... at 3AM. "That kind of breakfast, you know?" he hints about many inebriated meals after they got done playing the bars downtown.

"Also, our first ever photo shoot was right here at this place in 1999. Pretty wild," Rooney adds.

After showing a behind-the-scenes clip as well as the music video, the band took some time to speak to the press about their new music and their long career.

"We had a great, great time. It was really cool for us because our first introduction to the world was actually shot sitting right here," LeVox marvels.

Bandmate Jay DeMarcus will be producing the band's forthcoming 10th studio album, Back to Us, due out May 19. He says the trio have been working on the project for the last six months and admits it's hard to get any work done as the three friends always have too much fun when they're together. Meanwhile, Rooney and LeVox say if their last single, "I Like the Sound of That" — which DeMarcus produced — didn't hit No. 1, he wouldn't have gotten the job as producer.

Known as much for their music as being comedians, the band's latest video for "Yours If You Want It" showcase both sides perfectly. Watch it here.

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