Rascal Flatts' Gary LeVox sounds reinvigorated on "Yours If You Want It," the first single from the trio's next studio album. It's an uptempo, pop-country song that revisits what the group does best.

The production of "Yours If You Want It" is as important as LeVox's sterling vocals. Every instrument and backing vocal is razor sharp, yet there's no phony shine that often accompanies a heavily produced track. Visit Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney's simple and well-balanced backing vocals for an example.

Lyrically, Rascal Flatts' most recent uptempo love song is a colorful reminder of their ability to choose great songs. The co-writers (see below) rely on strong melody, perhaps knowing that in studio, this group is as good as any. "Yours If You Want It" is a back-to-basics song for Flatts, presented with a very contemporary arrangement.

Did You Know?: Songwriter Andrew Dorff co-wrote "Yours If You Want It" with Jonathan Singleton. Dorff died unexpectedly in December 2016.

Listen to Rascal Flatts, "Yours If You Want It" 

Rascal Flatts, "Yours If You Want It" Lyrics:

There’s one more sip in this bottle of wine / A lonely star hangin’ in the sky / With a wish left on it / And it’s yours if you want it / And this wildflower from the neighbor’s yard / A real slow dance in the moonlight dark / This hand in my pocket, oh baby, just call it / ‘Cause it’s yours if you want it, and …

Every bit of love left in this beat up, banged up, scarred up heart / That’s been waitin’ on a girl like you / And I know it ain’t much but it comes alive with every touch / Every kiss already feels like you own it / Baby, it’s yours if you want it.

Half of this rickety front porch swing / Every word of every song I sing / My jacket when it’s cold / Oh baby, don’t you know / You got a place to lay your head / On the other side of my empty bed / And it’s just made for fallin’ / And it’s yours if you want it / It’s yours if you want it.

It’s yours if you want it / Every dollar, every dime, every drop of rain / Every single thing I could beg, steal, or borrow / Every yesterday and tomorrow / Well, every grain of sand on the beach / Every blade of grass under our feet / Baby, your name is written on it / And it’s yours if you want it, and …

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