Ree Drummond’s first acting role won’t require her to stretch very far. The Pioneer Woman star has signed on for Candy Coated Christmas, a Food Network production set to air on Discovery Plus in November.

Variety shared the news, stating that it’s not only Drummond’s first scripted role, it’s the first original scripted movie to air on Discovery Plus, which launched in January. Viewers will follow a young woman played by Molly McCook as she returns to her mother’s home in the fictional Peppermint Hollow, after plans to launch a business are derailed. There, she meets a local bakery owner who shows her around town. The baker? You guessed it — this role was created with Drummond in mind.

While the film will air on a streaming platform separate from Drummond’s lifestyle show on the Food Network, there is going to be some serious cross-promotion: Expect recipes and other bonuses for Food Network fans. From Nov. 1 to Christmas Day, the platform will be loaded with holiday-themed content, all suitable for promoting this new film, which runs on the Discovery Plus pay platform.

"Candy Coated Christmas was so much fun to be part of," Drummond shares. "Any initial nerves I felt about joining this project completely melted away when I stepped into the sweet, charming world of Peppermint Hollow."

On her blog, Drummond adds that her role is very small and her character's name rhymes with "Ree." She also talks more about being nervous before, during and after filming. "First: I am not an actor," she says, "And I have no aspirations to be an actor — mostly because I can't act, haha."

A few photos shared on Instagram add more detail. It looks like not only does Ree act, she dances on screen, too!

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