Is it possible we have selective memory when it comes to Billy Ray Cyrus's 1992 hit 'Achy Breaky Heart?' Over 20 years later, it's consistently called one of the worst country songs of all time (we disagree) but it was a HUGE record. Twenty years ago today (March 23), rocker Bruce Springsteen revealed his love for the cut that put line dancing on the map. The crowd's reaction? Well, listen for yourself. 

Springsteen performed the song at the Count Basie Theater in New Jersey, and the rock-loving audience went nuts. In fact, they overtake the recording for a few seconds, before beginning to clap along. "That was a good damn tune," Springsteen says sincerely  "Everybody gets a giggle out of it, but that damn thing was good!" We only wish there was video, but in those days camcorders were the size of a suitcase.

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