Rodney Atkins is readying new music, and has already released a single from his upcoming album. 'Doin' It Right' is at radio now, and the singer wants to share the official lyric video with fans first via a Taste of Country exclusive premiere. 

The uptempo song is inspiring, much like Atkins' hit 'If You're Going Through Hell' was seven years ago. “'Doin' It Right' is a song that I need to hear every day," Atkins says. "It's a prayer -- and a moment."

The lyrics let one know that as long as you're following your heart, there is no wrong path. Watch the words bounce across the screen as the longtime country hitmaker brings the song to life.

"It's a song about not only my faith in God, but also God's faith in me," he shares. "It's a song about spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection."