Fans learn two things about Rodney Atkins in his new video for 'Take a Back Road.' The first is the singer is clearly not afraid of heights. The second is that Atkins actually has a pretty nice head of hair under that trucker cap.

Atkins' video begins in bottled up traffic along I-40 entering Nashville. The main characters are stuck on the highway, as Atkins begins his song between the rows of slowly moving cars and trucks. The video contrasts the stressful struggle of the workday with carefree freedom of cruising along a country road with the windows down and the radio up. Before long, Atkins is singing from that country road. More specifically, he's singing atop a bridge that carries that "back road" over a river.

At first one wonders if he just employed a stunt man, but closeups -- as well as shots of him strumming his guitar atop a water tower later in the video -- blow up that skeptical theory. The video flips between clips of Atkins singing and the lead characters splashing in the river, making hanky-panky and later attending a picnic.

Yes, that Josh Gracin look alike halfway through the 'Take a Back Road' video is Rodney Atkins without a cap. Shots like that are often part of a calculated plan to remake a singer's image -- Chris Young did the exact same thing with the video for 'Tomorrow' earlier this year, and now you almost never see him in his black cowboy hat. It wouldn't be surprising to see Atkins sans trucker cap a little more often now, as he's proven he actually has a nice, full head of hair.

Watch the Rodney Atkins 'Take a Back Road' Video