In his 'Kiss You There' video, Ronnie Dunn is, well, everywhere -- from the Statue of Liberty to Buckingham Palace, the country star and his catchy song travel around the world.

The video begins with the singer holding a guitar, walking slowly. But he's not standing on the street -- his image is actually projected onto the side of a soaring skyscraper. Then, in an aerial view, Dunn's face and the song's title are etched into the crop fields of a farm, just as the lyrics "Sweating on a tractor in Oklahoma" play.

Any monument mentioned in his catchy track, from the Grand Canyon to the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge and Buckingham Palace (and basically any popular sightseeing location) is pictured in this stunning video, always with Dunn somehow placed in the forefront. The lyrics "kiss you there," scenes from his concerts and images of couples kissing are also a main focus in the clip.

It's fun to see the country star pictured around the world -- even though it's computer-generated. And it's even more exciting to see all of the beautifully shot locations; how often do you get to see the Eiffel Tower, the St. Louis arch and Dunn in one short video?

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