The scene of the World Series shifted from the chill of St. Louis to the much warmer confines of Texas last night. For Game 3 of the Fall Classic between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, country crooner Ronnie Dunn was called upon to sing he National Anthem, completing the trifecta of country artists singing the song for the first three World Series games.

Dressed in his signature all-black ensemble, Dunn hit each of the notes with pure power, much more so than his deeper-voiced and more low-key brethren Scotty McCreery and Trace Adkins. Dunn did not wear the same green World Series windbreaker that McCreery and Adkins each wore during their games. It was much colder in Missouri, anyway, and not needed on this warm Texas evening.

Dunn, who was born in the Lone Star State, sang without incident. The microphone worked and he didn't flub a single lyric. He did, however, alter the melody slight on "brave" at the end, and it was respectful and sounded good.

Nice job, Ronnie! You "dunn" good!

Watch Ronnie Dunn Sing the National Anthem at World Series Game 3