When Sam Hunt wrote the deeply personal lyrics to “Drinkin’ Too Much,” he didn’t hold anything back. The artist just released a haunting new lyric video for the acoustic version of the song, written about his now-fiancee, Hannah Lee Fowler.

The poignant lyrics float across the screen in a wavering serif typeface, almost ghost-like in front of the moon’s silhouette. Made to look as if the viewer is peering through a telescope, the scene only highlights a selection of the words — perhaps the most meaningful to the artist — as the song moves along.

The acoustic version brings another level of vulnerability and authenticity to the already-revealing ballad about a period when the couple were apart, and there’s no mistaking the sentiment behind it. Hunt makes a promise, confessing that he screwed up the relationship, but declaring that he will keep pursuing the love of his life anyway. The two have since gotten back together and got engaged the day after the song released.

Who Is Hannah Lee Fowler? Sam Hunt's Fiancee

Check out the solemnly beautiful lyric video for “Drinkin’ Too Much” above.

The song dropped as a surprise on New Year’s Day — a welcome announcement for Hunt fans, who have been eagerly anticipating a follow-up to his breakout hit record Montevallo. Hunt has also recently released a new single called “Body Like a Back Road” — its sexy swagger almost a flip-side to the simple sincerity of “Drinkin’ Too Much.” He says he doesn’t want to sit on new tunes until he releases a new album, so fans can expect new songs to be released as he finishes them.

He’s setting out on his 15 in a 30 Tour soon, with Maren Morris, Chris Janson and Ryan Follese, and hitting up the Taste of Country Music Festival this summer.

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