An EP can't possibly satisfy a hunger as big as Sam Hunt's desire to make a mark on country music. That's why the singer is preparing to release a full album in 'Montevallo,' out in October.

The album title holds a special place in the 29-year-old's heart. It's the name of the small Alabama town Hunt lived in while attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Even then, Hunt's life centered around one thing: football. That changed when he moved to Nashville in 2008 to write songs.

“I didn’t know you could write songs for a living,” Hunt explains to BuzzFeed. “Then I realized there were lots of publishers in Nashville and these publishers were partnered with songwriters and a lot of the songs that I’d heard on country radio over the years were written by all these guys. That community of people who are churning out lots of country songs that you’re hearing on the radio is not large, numbers-wise."

Hunt has done well for himself as a writer, penning hits for both Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. But the newcomer soon decided he wanted to be the one playing his own music. He released 'Between the Pines' for free last year.

“Making the music accessible, especially in hip-hop, they do a great job," he shares. "When somebody’s never heard you, that’s the way to do it: Just give them music for free, and let them decide for themselves if they like it or not."

On 'Montevallo,' Hunt isn't just the voice -- he's also co-written all of the album's songs. The debut album will be available on Oct. 27 via MCA Nashville.

Sam Hunt ‘Montevallo’ Track Listing:

1. ‘Take Your Time’
2. ‘Leave the Night On’
3. ‘House Party’
4. ‘Break Up in a Small Town’
5. ‘Single for the Summer’
6. ‘Ex to See’
7. ‘Make You Miss Me’
8. ‘Cop Car’
9. ‘Raised on It’
10. ‘Speakers’

Watch Sam Hunt Perform 'Leave the Night On'