If this photo is any indication, Sara Evans' family is the picture of happiness. The popular country singer tweeted the shot of herself and her sports radio host hubby, Jay Barker, standing on the beach with their  family of seven children.

Yes, you read that right: Evans and Barker are the lucky parents of seven young'ins.

Although, some of those kiddos aren't looking so small anymore!

"One big happy family! Look! Avery is almost as tall as me!," Evans tweeted with the photo.

When the 'A Little Bit Stronger' hitmaker and the sports fanatic tied the knot, they each brought children from a previous relationship to their new marriage. Evans has three children (Avery, 11, Olivia, 9, and Audrey, 7) while Barker is the father of four (Andrew, 13, Braxton, 11, Sarah Ashlee, 10, and Harrison, 10.) Barker shares custody of his children with their birth mother.

You would think that parenting seven kids keeps Mr. and Mrs. Barker more than busy enough, but the country songstress spilled to the press last month that she and her hubby are thinking about adding one more to their (already large) number of kiddos.

"We would actually love to [have another baby]," she told OK! Magazine. "I don’t have a ton of time to be sitting around considering it [laughs], but we would love to – yes. That would be a blessing. Our kids beg us to all the time, but we keep putting it off. We’ll see. That’s definitely something we talk about."

Maybe the 'Anywhere' singer can call a family meeting while on vacation this week. In the meantime, her fans are anxious to see another baby bump!