Scotty McCreery's grandfather, Bill McCreery, has died. The singer shares that the man responsible for his signature sound passed away unexpectedly on Sunday (Jan. 11).

Bill McCreery is Scotty's grandfather from his father's side. The 'Feelin' It' singer describes him as a hard worker who was devoted to his wife of 57 years. "Together, they raised three children and were inspirations for their six grandchildren," he writes. "He was one amazing guy who drove a black mustang convertible and could still dive off his diving board in his backyard pool."

Adds McCreery in remembrance:

"As his only grandson, it will be an honor to carry on the family name. Thank you Granddad for everything, but especially the lessons on love and respect, the golf and diving lessons AND that McCreery deep voice."

Bill McCreery was 86 years old when he passed without warning. During his life he served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force and then spent 10 years working for the U.S. Civil Service in Kittery, Maine. McCreery says he'll remember his grandfather's good-natured personality and his hearty laugh.

Taste of Country sends condolences to the McCreery family.

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