Even though Scotty McCreery has been pinned a heartthrob by his young female fans, the singer has maintained a sense of modesty since finding 'American Idol' fame a few months ago. McCreery makes a statement about who he is by not making a love connection of his own in his debut music video for 'I Love You This Big.'

When the video opens, we see McCreery seated on a small stage, setting up for a live show with his band as he leads into the song. Just as he gets to the chorus, drones of fans arrive at the park for the concert and begin mingling and setting up chairs and picnic blankets.

As quickly as the 'Idol' winner found fame, the sky around him turns dark and he begins to belt his debut single at the mic. There are lots of pretty girls for him to choose from, though it's never decided which one he's got his arms outstretched for.

In fact, McCreery strays away from being a heartthrob at all in his first video, as all of the ladies quickly find men in the audience. When they connect, fireworks start to crackle behind McCreery on the stage, illuminating the show and giving the music video a true summer feel. If anything, it seems the 17-year-old star is simply loving his band and performing live.

'I Love You This Big' is a love song, of course, but McCreery loves his mom, too -- enough to allow her to make a guest-appearance in the video. "See if you guys can spot my mom in the #lytb video on itunes! hahah. she makes a really brief appearance. let me know!" McCreery tweeted.

Just yesterday, 'Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina dropped her first music video for 'Like My Mother Does,' which features a lot of childhood footage and directly gives Alaina's mother a starring role.

Watch the Scotty McCreery 'I Love You This Big' Video

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