Lots of country stars have managed to juggle touring schedules and family life without too many problems. But this fall, Scotty McCreery will try a new kind of juggling act when he joins the Wolfpack at North Carolina State University on the weekdays and continues playing shows on weekends.

Luckily, Scotty will be living in the dorms with a few guys who know him well and can keep him grounded enough to pull off this balancing act. The country star wunderkind recently told CMT that he wants to live with four longtime friends whom he can trust completely.

"I've got four guys I know pretty well that I'm gonna room with. Guys I can trust. I don't know what dorm life will be like, and I for sure didn't know what a random roommate would be like," he says.

With a busy touring schedule and the workload of a first-year college student, it sounds like the 'American Idol' alum will need trustworthy pals around to keep him focused. McCreery has told several reporters that he likes living two lives. On one hand, he pulls all-nighters traveling from state to state to showcase his music -- but when he returns to his hometown of Garner, N.C., he likes to fit back in with his friends.

Just this past week, the deep-voiced singer found himself enjoying Spring Break with friends in Myrtle Beach, S.C. So far, this schedule seems to be working for McCreery, who was named Best New Artist at the 2012 ACM Awards on Sunday (April 1). To boot, his debut album, 'Clear as Day,' sold more than 1 million albums in its first three months. His first two singles, 'I Love You This Big' and 'The Trouble With Girls,' have sold more than 500,000 downloads each.

It sounds to us like this rising star has a good head on his shoulders -- we wish him all the best at NC State this fall.