Shakira recently revealed that she and country's own Blake Shelton were collaborating in the studio, and now, she's dishing the details of the duet.

Shakira will be getting her twang on, because it's a country song! The hip-shaking Colombian singer spoke with Ryan Seacrest about the recording experience with her 'The Voice' pal, admitting, “That was awesome.”

“We just [recorded it] – It’s a country song," she states, adding that it's a mix of "country, folk."

The Latin songstress explains throughout the track, she was the one in charge. "I kind of directed him," she says, laughing.

Although she speaks confidently about the song now, the songstress was nervous to unveil it to Shelton. "I wrote the song with some people from Nashville and I sent it to him and I was super nervous," she spills. "I was like, ‘Oh my god. What’s he going to think?’ And he loved it. He said, ‘Wow! This is exactly what you were talking about. I love this song.’”

The lines between genres are becoming unquestionably blurry, making it possible for the 'Whenever, Wherever' hitmaker to meld her voice with country hitmaker easily. Fans will be able to hear the song on Shakira's next studio album, which drops March 25.

Before that, viewers will get to see the pair sitting in the red swivel chairs on 'The Voice,' which will premiere Season 6 on Feb. 24 on NBC. Usher and Shelton's bromance buddy, Adam Levine, will join them -- and according to Shakira, the whole group is a lot of fun.

“I think the chemistry is better than ever,” she says. "I’m having fun … [although] Adam [gets on my nerves the most] because he’s so competitive! And Usher is like Switzerland, he’s a little more neutral."

She adds hilariously, "And Blake can get on my nerves too, but he’s too funny.”t

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