Country darling Shania Twain replaces Diana Ross on the updated version of Lionel Richie’s 1981 ballad ‘Endless Love.’ It’s a modern redo of a classic song, and in the video, Twain and Richie express intense emotion and passion, so much so that you’d think they were actually a couple. The singers emanate genuine fondness for one another and both are incredibly expressive with their eyes, hands and voices throughout the entire span of the clip.

They are separate at first, with Twain's scenes shot in black and white. She is riding a stallion on a beach while singing. Richie is in color, hanging out inside a bright, white home with a large piano. Images of Twain singing appear in the photos and screens on the wall behind him, so it’s as though they are in the same room. It’s a very cool convention; she’s there, even when she’s not really there.

Each singer emotes while singing their parts and it's very believable. Twain, dressed in white and wearing a cowgirl hat, comes to life and blooms in color when she and Richie meet behind the house. It certainly suggests that love makes you feel alive. Twain is actually riding the horse through the ocean at that point. How dreamy!

They embrace and sing while facing each another in the flesh. Images of the the singers clenching their fists and touching their chests appear on the inside screens. It's quite a romantic couple of minutes.

This new version of 'Endless Love' appears on Richie’s ‘Tuskegee,' where he partners with an array of country acts.

Watch Shaina Twain + Lionel Richie 'Endless Love' Video