Shania Twain is known for her dazzling and highly physical live shows, and like any good performer, she adheres to strict dieting rules on the road so she can be her best self onstage.

But the reasoning behind one particular dieting restriction might come as a surprise.

"I drink liquids only on show days," Twain explains in a new interview with Today. "I don't eat solids. And if I eat on a show day — solids — I burp when I sing."

And singing is something that Twain doesn't take for granted these days. After an extended bout with Lyme disease that began in the early 2000s affected her vocal cords, she wasn't sure she'd ever again be able to mount a big tour, or even step on stage in front of her fans.

She underwent throat surgery to address some of those issues, and while the results of that operation have allowed her to perform again, she has opened up about the fact that she doesn't know if her voice will last forever.

"I'm appreciating being able to sing again, after this very difficult operation on my throat. I'm just grateful for so many things," the singer goes on to say.

Quite a few liquid-only days are in Twain's near future: She's preparing to embark on her 2023 Queen of Me Tour, which kicks off in late April. The trek takes its name from her new album, which arrives on Friday (Feb. 3).

"I'm feeling quite liberated, in so many ways," she continues. "The Queen of Me title, for the new album,  it couldn't be more fitting for I'm really at, in my own mind."

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