On last night's season finale of the first season of 'Why Not? With Shania Twain,' the singer made a statement that demonstrates how far she has come. Shania Twain shared intimate details about her relationship with her now-husband Frederic Thiebaud, whom was married to the woman who had an affair with Twain's former husband Mutt Lange.

Twain made an incredibly poignant and revelatory statement when she assessed her current and former relationship, saying, "I spent 14 years of my prime years in a marriage, but it was beautiful as it was." She has gotten herself in a better mental place. She shared footage from her wedding ceremony, which took place on January 1, as well as the vows and photos. There is nothing Shania won't share. She moves further and further towards acceptance, and it feels as if she is this close to achieving a modicum of closure.

The episode is titled 'Endless Love,' since Twain partnered with Lionel Richie to sing an updated version of his massive hit, 'Endless Love,' which originally featured Diana Ross. Twain initially nixed the idea and Richie admitted he talked her into doing it! Richie had the same issue as Twain: overthinking it. Richie stopped singing for years while dealing with some personal issues, and he realized that the only thing that kept him from singing was himself.

The studio process was a struggle for Shania, but she soldiered through it and sang it like Shania Twain. It sounded amazing.

Overall, Twain summed up the docu-drama as a crucial tool in her growth and getting back to singing.

She closed the first season of the series with the complete version of 'Today Is Your Day,' which we've heard grow from a nascent idea into a fireside version and raw demo into this full realized, finished product.

Shania Twain is back. So is her voice.

Watch the Shania Twain 'From This Moment On' Video