Chase Rice may have ended up one vote shy of winning a million dollars on last night's 'Survivor' finale, but he kick-started his next career, as a country singer, by playing his new song 'Buzz Back' live on the show's nationally televised reunion show. 

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst (allegedly) surprised Chase during the special by handing him a guitar and asking him to perform one of his original tunes shortly after the vote was announced. Rice promptly kicked into 'Buzz Back,' which he stated he had just recorded for an upcoming EP.  His fellow Survivors immediately started clapping along, and soon both the audience and the house band joined in as well.

Rice, who was formerly a NASCAR pit crew jackman, made no secrets of his country music career aspirations throughout the season, even serenading his competitors with his songs from time to time. That is, in between breaking every single alliance he ever set up by voting off his supposed partners.

When asked by Probst if his time on the popular reality show would help or hurt his chances for stardom, Rice insisted it wouldn't matter either way. "You're going to go to Nashville, which is where I live now. They're gonna sit there and say, 'you were on 'Survivor?' OK, can you sing? Can you write?' That's all they care about."

He went on to say he's up for the challenge. "That's fine with me, cause I know the big time guys in the music industry -- Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, all those guys -- they got there by fighting to get there. I'm fine with doing that."

Rice has already released a full-length album, 'Friday Nights & Sunday Mornings,' this past spring. The album shot into the iTunes Top 40 overnight as a result of the exposure from the broadcast.

Watch Chase Rice Perform 'Buzz Back' on Survivor

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