Suzanne Somers' widow, Alan Hamel — a producer and television host — says that before her death in October 2023, he didn't put too much stock in the idea of life after death.

But now, he says, he's a confirmed "believer" — due to an eerie series of occurrences that took place at the family's home one day after Somers died.

"Three things happened, the same day, that were very strange," Hamel recounts in a new interview with Page Six.

He goes on to say that the first of those was when "a hummingbird flew into our house and made the rounds in the kitchen, the living room and the dining room" before hovering in front of and landing on a photo of the couple together. Hamel says he even got a photo of the bird.

Next, "the fireplace started all by itself," Hamel continues, and "some music came on by Suzanne's favorite composer." He didn't name who that composer was, but said, "no one's ever heard of this guy," making it a strange coincidence that this particular music would start playing.

Finally, when he went to bed that evening, Hamel says he could "feel her laying beside me."

Between those three events, Hamel says he's now sure that Somers' spirit has, in some way, transcended her physical body.

"I'm a believer now that there is an afterlife. I'm convinced of it ... I think there's something we don't understand," he goes on to say. "I think there's a plane somewhere ... after we discard our bodies. We still have our soul. I think our soul is energy. The soul must go somewhere and do something."

For now, Hamel is taking comfort in the idea that Somers' spirit carries on, saying that "it certainly makes the grieving process a lot easier" and that if there is an afterlife, "we'll be reunited."

Hamel also notes that he's not the only family member who has felt Somers' presence since her death.

"The time when I'm with my family ... and I have one of my moments when I have to leave, I go into the bedroom ... I'm alone there," he says. "And I feel her presence. Once I interact with her presence, I go back and interact with the family."

"Her grandkids, one by one, have told me the same thing," he says, noting that they also feel Somers' presence close by.

Known for her roles on Three's Company and Step by Step, Somers enjoyed a long career in television, acting, singing, health and wellness products, books and more. She was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 and battled the disease on and off for more than two decades, finally succumbing to her illness on Oct. 15, 2023 — one day before her 77th birthday.

Somers and Hamel were married for over four decades.

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