The Band Perry addressed their fans directly in a video they posted to Facebook on Friday night (Feb. 12), assuring them that all is well with the sibling trio.

Rumors had been swirling about the future of the group after their latest single, "Live Forever," was removed without explanation from online outlets on Thursday evening (Feb. 11). The band became aware of the speculation and decided to put fans' fears to rest by addressing them head-on.

“‘Live Forever’ was pulled from iTunes, YouTube, VEVO, everything, for about 24 hours,” Kimberly Perry says in the clip above, which streamed live on Friday. “Team TBP was doing a little bit of housekeeping and re-organization, but we were just told that it’s back up on iTunes. Team TBP has told us that it will be back up on VEVO and YouTube in the next couple days.”

She and her brothers, Neil and Reid Perry, thanked fans for their concern, saying the future of the group is secure.

“We wanted to look you guys all in the eyes and say the Band Perry is not going anywhere,” Kimberly states. “We are here to stay. Our music is here to stay.”

"Live Forever" was released as the lead single from the trio's next album, Heart + Beat, which was originally slated for release in November 2015. The song is a dramatic departure from the group's previous efforts, leaning heavily toward pop, and after it peaked just inside the Top 30 the album was delayed until some time in 2016, though no exact release date has been announced. Some online outlets have speculated that TBP may no longer be signed with Big Machine, but those reports are unconfirmed.

“We want you guys to just rest easy,” Kimberly says. “If you were all here right now, we would love to cuddle you in our arms because you, our fans, mean the whole world to us.”

The trio — who are currently in Los Angeles to take part in various Grammys activities this weekend — tell fans that they have an important announcement coming soon.

“Coming very soon you guys are going to hear some news and we want you to know today, we said it right here…it’s great news, it’s very positive we, we're very excited and we can’t wait to talk about it with you," Kimberly finishes. "Every decision that we make is for you guys. It’s all about getting this music to you as quickly as possible and as excellently as possible."

The Band Perry Talk About Upcoming New Album

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