The Band Perry are three singles deep into their debut self-titled album, which was released in October of last year on Republic Nashville. So naturally, the sibling trio -- Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry -- are hard at work, writing and listening to new material to record for their next record to follow in the footsteps of their successful first collection of tunes.

Unlike the preparation that went into the first album, the Band Perry have a lot more on their plates these days, as they are the opening act on Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour. Prior to McGraw's trek, the trio was traveling across the country with Alan Jackson. Kimberly and her brothers have utilized that time on the road with such amazing superstars to hone their own craft and learn from some of the best in the business.

"One thing that I appreciate so much is their golden years," Kimberly tells Taste of Country. "Those guys know a great song. We were actually playing some brand-new songs [in our dressing room] that we have been working on, and out of the corner of our eye we saw this figure in a cowboy hat. I didn't think much about it, so we finished our song and we turned around, and it was Tim. He was standing there listening to our new music. We're just really keen to pick his brain about what he feels like great songs are and try to get his ears around it."

Seeing how they are in a unique position to see McGraw night after night, the trio have also been able to walk away with a whole new respect for the star, and they have learned a few valuable tips at the same time.

"[We've noticed] his appreciation for his fans," Reid says of the time spent on the road with McGraw. "If you go to a Tim McGraw show, it's a pretty special thing because he's so thankful for the career that these people have given him."

"Night after night he talks about how the economy is bad and people have put down their hard earned dollars to be there," adds Kimberly. "He wants to put on a great show for them -- technically, musically. He's just been a real inspiration. He's an amazing performer."

The Band Perry continue on the Emotional Traffic Tour through August. To see a complete list of dates where they will be, click here.

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