The Lacs are treating fans to a down-home good time in their new video for "Redneck Roots," which is premiering today with Taste of Country.

The country-rap duo of Clay Sharpe and Brian King filmed the entertaining video in Baxley, Ga., under the direction of Crucifix, Matt Trees and Breadwin. The "Redneck Roots" video features the roster of their self-owned Dirt Rock Empire record label taking part in a fun day of backyard wrestling, with Sharpe and King serving as the wrestling managers.

Watch in the clip above as the beer-fueled wrestling match turns into a redneck free-for-all with no holds barred, cheered on by an equally rowdy crowd. Even a camel is knocking back suds in the entertaining video, which was inspired by the Georgia natives' own raising.

"Sitting around reminiscing and telling stories about what it was like growing up is what inspired 'Redneck Roots' and gave us this idea for a wild backyard wrestling video," Sharpe tells Taste of Country. "It's the type of song that brings a bit of fun and energy to the new album. We just had a lot of fun talking about the good ol' days and how it made us who we are today."

"It pretty much self describes us and who we are in a fun kinda way," King adds. "We are just some simple ordinary country boys from Georgia. Throughout life, we all learn lessons. In our neck of the woods, the lessons may be a bit unconventional and sometimes they end up someone doing something crazy like in our new video."

Click on the video at the top of the story to watch the Lacs' "Redneck Roots" music video.

"Redneck Roots" is the latest single from the Lacs' most recent album, Rise and Shine, which they released in October via Dirt Rock Empire. For more information about the Lacs, visit their officlal website, or keep up with the duo via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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