The Facebook page of the all-girl quartet the Lunabelles boasts that the band is interested in "having fun and being positive influences." Their debut single, 'A Place to Shine,' accomplishes both.

Sisters Dominique, Olivia and Gabby Arciero join banjo player Alexandra Kline to form BNA Records' newest act. An insincere first glance could cause country music listeners and programmers to worry that Nashville's version of the Spice Girls has finally arrived. On paper, the lyrics to 'A Place to Shine' don't remedy these concerns:

"Like fireworks, shooting to the sky / I wanna cover the dark with the light / Like diamonds, sitting on a ring / I'm just a girl who wants to be seen."

But a little patience, and perhaps another listen, allows one to realize that this group isn't trying to be anyone but the Lunabelles. Olivia Arciero sings lead and plays rhythm guitar, sisters Dominique and Gabby are on mandolin and drums, and Alex Kline rounds out the band. The group's musicianship is featured nicely during fills and solos, and lyrically they've pulled together a perfect debut single. 'A Place to Shine' introduces the group, but the content is open-ended enough to allow fans to hang their hat on the message.

"I'm thinking of busting through the door / Leaving everybody begging for more / You know it's true / When you're a girl like me you've got nothing to lose," they sing.

Anyone who's ever dreamed of anything can relate to that. Sure, they're a little bit poppy, and country curmudgeons will likely argue that they're "not real country." But if the group stays true to "having fun and being positive influences," they'll no doubt feel a big country hug from fans nationwide.

Rating: 7/10

Listen to the Lunabelles, 'A Place to Shine'