The Mavericks couldn't have timed their reunion more perfectly. The '90s hitmakers bring their familiar sound back to country radio with 'Born to Be Blue,' a track from their new 'Suited Up and Ready' EP. Too often, getting the old band back together produces tired rewrites of a classic sound. The Mavericks have managed to keep their signature style without alienating younger fans.

The old school swing stands out in comparison to music from newer artists of today, but much like an early-80s Chicago White Sox ball cap or your classic country vinyl collection, what's old is cool again. The lyrics couldn't be simpler or more satisfying.

"If someone were to read my history / They would know why it's no mystery / She's not ordinary / It's her love I carry / I was born, born to be blue," vocalist Raul Malo sings, as an accordion gets a firm squeeze in the background. There's no true chorus on 'Born to Be Blue,' but it's difficult to stop yourself from singing the last two lines of each verse.

"I have found that I'm still fallin' / Maybe I have found my callin' / She's the only reason that I keep believin' / I was born, born to be blue," Malo adds later, after the bridge.

The Mavericks' Latin soul is easy to embrace, and their performance on 'Born to Be Blue' sounds like a continuation of the band's easy swagger from the peak of their country fame. One listen leaves you rooting for them to again notch a radio hit.

4.5 Stars

Listen to the Mavericks, 'Born to Be Blue'

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