It hasn't been all roses for Tim McGraw as he readies his 2013 new album for release. Titled 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' the record heralds big changes for the superstar, who won his contractual freedom from his former label, Curb Records, in a landmark court decision in 2011. After spending his entire career at Curb, McGraw will release his new album via Big Machine Records on February 5.

The Inspiration
McGraw has been very public about the fact that he felt Curb Records was holding him back, both creatively and in his career. He was also going through a transition with his band and management while recording the album, and he recently said that all of those changes have put him in the mood for looking backward as he moves forward. “You get so busy trying to move forward, trying to make music, trying to be relevant, trying to be important about what you do and trying to really live and love what you do that you forget to sort of reflect on where you’ve been,” McGraw stated. “I think that when you listen to this record, there’s a lot of that reflectiveness in it.”

The Songs
McGraw has always been a savvy businessman and marketeer, keeping one eye on his art and the other one on the bottom line, and from the sound of the two singles he's released so far from his 2013 album, that hasn't changed. 'Truck Yeah' was the first single, and it's essentially a nakedly commercial vehicle for the singer to compete with the younger crowd with its heavy '80s rock guitar riffing and somewhat throwaway lyric about trucks. It's perfect for the mood at radio right now -- which is dominated by those kinds of tracks -- while the second single 'One of Those Nights' is more of a mid-tempo modern country rock track that has a little bit more to do with McGraw's past, but still with a modern production that ought to easily score him his next big radio hit. 'Two Lanes of Freedom' will also contain a collaboration with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban titled 'Highway Don't Care.'

What to Expect
Now that he's won his creative freedom from Curb, Tim McGraw's 2013 album will reflect more of what he's really wanted all along. “There’s a renewed feeling of creativity and excitement, and I want the fans to be part of it every step of the way," he stated recently. “Freedom is a powerful word. To come into a situation where there’s some weight lifted, some refreshment going on, you can feel that in the music.” McGraw is a seasoned veteran at the radio game, a perennial touring favorite and one of the most focused and ambitious players in the Nashville game, and since his new label is one of the most influential in the new power structure in Music City, it's probably safe to say the singer is looking at another multi-platinum smash -- especially since 'Truck Yeah' has already been certified gold.