Tim McGraw's football viewing isn't just limited to Sunday afternoons. The country singer and Tennessee Titans fan tells the NFL Network's Rich Eisen that he brings the family to high school football games on Friday nights and settles in to watch LSU on Saturday afternoons.

"I get pretty emotional. You can hear me throughout the house during an LSU game," McGraw says in Eisen's most recent podcast. Now that his daughters are older, they're beginning to appreciate the sport as well. His 13-year-old wants to study at LSU and all four women -- including wife Faith Hill -- are eager to dedicate as much time as they can to the game.

"She met my dad early on, so she sort of saw where it came from," McGraw says of Hill's opinion on his fanaticism. When Eisen brought up her stint singing NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' theme song, McGraw quipped back, "That makes me proud, especially seeing her in that leather outfit she's wearing."

Musically, McGraw's career is on hold while a lawsuit with Curb Records gets sorted out. His acting career is still bringing home a paycheck, however. On October 7 , his latest film, 'Dirty Girl,' hits theaters. His role is brief but important, he says, about the Mila Jovovich film about a young girl's search for her father. "That's something that was dear to me and I related to it," he says, referring to his quest to get close to his father, baseball pitcher Tug McGraw.

With this year's Emotional Traffic Tour finished, the McGraw/Hill family will have some time off through the holidays before touring together in Australia. Even abroad, they look for a good game. McGraw says they took in Australian football a couple of years ago.