The last time Trace Adkins got as rowdy as he does on "Lit," Sarah Palin was being considered as a legit vice presidential candidate. It's been awhile, but the big man lost nothing in time.

Lyrically, Monty Criswell, Derek George and Mickey Jack Cones have created a carnival that sneaks in a little love story toward the end of each chorus. It's Adkins' rock 'n' roll performance that drives the song. He's mixed this style with references or jokes that were too corny for radio in the past ("Swing," "Brown Chicken Brown Cow"), but "Lit" stays clear of caricatures. Drunk grandma? A reckless grandpa? These are characters we recognize.

Of course, the beauty with the lipstick helps, and she'll no doubt stand out in a music video that promises to be as much fun as "Marry for Money." If nothing else, the song is a chance for Adkins to work the stage like only knows how. It's also a sign that during this later stage of his career he isn't giving up on a style that helped make it famous.

Did You Know?: Adkins will debut "Lit" on Fox News on July 1.

Listen to Trace Adkins, “Lit”

Trace Adkins' "Lit" Lyrics:

“Lucky Strike in a honky tonk / Chicken fried on the chicken bone / Tennessee moonshiner, cooking that copper line / Granny drunk, playing bingo yelling out B99 / Talking about Lit.”

“Fire up that stogie when the deal is done / Short fuse, black cat everybody run / Linebacker when they bring the house, laying that shoulder to ya / (unknown) / Down in Tuscaloosa.”

“Slide on over, move a little closer / With a four-alarm fire engine red on your lips / So hot you got me smoking / Girl you got it going / Oh you’re the only one with the kiss that gets me lit.”

“Grandma fishing with dynamite / Creek too dry with the Christmas lights / A little Sunday morning brimstone / From a Pentecostal pastor / Keith Richards stoned on Rock ’n roll tearin’ up that Telecaster.”

“You turn me on every time I’m next to you / Can’t nobody light me up quite like you do.”

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