"David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs" recalls all the joy and all the anxiety of being underage. Travis Denning's debut single hits the mark and lends a smile to even the crustiest old fart.

How can you not get a chuckle out of Denning's coming-of-age story? You did it—and if you didn't, someone else you knew did. That tentative walk to the cooler for a case of something cheap and light. An even slower walk to the register — wait, stop by the snack aisle and grab a bag of chips so you don't look so obvious! The clerk looks down, looks at you, looks down and 30 seconds later you're on the verge of a big night of bad decisions.

Sonically, Denning's story of illicit activity is wrapped in a down-home country-rock package, so if someone takes issue with his lyrical content at least they can't complain that he's "not real country." Beyond just getting away with buying beer underage, he recalls what it's like to be the hero of the party. Heck yeah, the girls liked the guy who could buy a little bit more than those other dorks!

When you're 18, 19 or 20 years old the bar is set pretty low. A fake ID is pretty much all you need to look a little better than those losers your friends.

Of course Denning and Taste of Country don't promote underage drinking. We've only heard stories ourselves.

Did You Know?: The liquor store clerk in Denning's music video for "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs" is the real David Ashley Parker!

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Travis Dennings' "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs" Lyrics:

Bought it with cash weeks worth of cuttin’ grass / From a senior in the parking lot / That faded id looked a little like me / But honestly it’s still a long shot / So, I studied every word / Memorized every line / Till I worked up the nerve one Friday night / Threw a case of beer up on the counter at a Circle K / And I became.

David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs / November 27 turning 23 / Five-foot-nine, brown hair blue eyes / Levi’s, tee shirt all-American guy / Made all the right moves said all the right things / Showed up with the smokes and I bought all the drinks / Wasn’t who I was but every now and then I got to be / David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.

That little plastic card got me into bars / Made me friends at the liquor store / Yeah, and I was a hit with the good-looking chicks / Every time I shot, I scored / From Macon to Athens to Daytona Beach / Yeah, I was the guy that could get what you need / It didn’t even matter I wasn’t 21 / I had a Georgia license that said I was …

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