Trisha Yearwood is a three-time ACM Awards winner with several ACM performances to reflect on, but when pressed to name her all-time favorite memory, she wasn't going to be selfish about it.

Set the 1998 Female Vocalist of the Year award aside. Move past all the love for her hit song "How Do I Live." Yearwood wanted to talk about her husband Garth Brooks and the first time he got to perform with George Strait. Flash back six years to the pair's tribute to ACM producer Dick Clark, who'd died one year earlier.

"Strait is such a hero of Garth's, and they had never sung together, so to see that moment happen as a wife and a friend and a fellow artist was so cool because I knew what it meant to Garth. It was a great night," Yearwood tells Taste of Country.

Neither Brooks nor Yearwood are scheduled performers, and it's not clear if they'll be attending the 2019 ACM Awards on Sunday (April 7). Yearwood is one of the artists who will appear during Taste of Country's ACM Awards Live Tailgate party beginning at 7PM ET on YouTube on Sunday (April 7). Red carpet analysis, historical Top 5 ACM moments, interviews and predictions will all get you ready for the 2019 ACMs, which start at 8PM ET on CBS.

The couple does like Las Vegas, however, although neither of them gambles much.

"What I'll do is decide, tonight my entertainment is gonna cost 100 bucks," she says. "I'm gonna put 50 bucks in one pocket and 50 in the other and when this pocket is empty I know I got half my money left to play with and when this pocket is empty I have to go to the room, and that's what I do."

That's sound advice from a banker's daughter.

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