Trisha Yearwood isn't just a fan of pop star Lizzo. In many, ways she wants to be her.

The country icon visited with Taste of Country Nights recently and talked about her new Every Girl album, her friendship with Kelly Clarkson, living with Garth Brooks and that one time she snuck into a Lizzo show. It happened this year at Nashville's Cannery Ballroom, a small club located just outside of Nashville's main downtown district. Afterward, Yearwood snuck backstage to meet her!

"She was so cool," the country singer says. "She did say, 'I wanna be in your cooking show' and I'm like (GASP!)."

In addition to making music and a headlining tour this fall, Trisha's Southern Kitchen is set to return to the Food Network soon. She's hosted the show and welcomed celebrity guests from all over since 2012, but it's not Lizzo's cooking that is on Yearwood's mind.

"I actually want to have a really giant, inflatable a-- on my tour," Yearwood says, referring to a Lizzo stage prop. "That's my goal. I do have a giant a--, but I want a giant, inflatable a-- behind me."

Watch this portion of her interview with Evan Paul and Amber above, then check out the full interview with the "Every Girl in This Town" hitmaker below. Yearwood shares a few delicious Garth Brooks stories and gushes on Kelly Clarkson before playing a radio version of Name That Tune (and maybe losing) with the radio show hosts.

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