Trisha Yearwood has dished up a few samples of her forthcoming 'PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit' album, including the cover and track listing.

Yearwood unveiled the sexy cover on her Facebook page, and she's the best looking boxer we've seen in recent years! The country legend is wearing a long white gown and a tiara. On her hands, Yearwood sports two bold, black boxing gloves, which which were actually given to her by Rocky himself (Sylvester Stallone)! She's definitely ready to fight -- and win.

"The song ‘PrizeFighter’ describes for me the fight we all fight, whatever it is," the singer writes on social media. "It's the courage to get up every day and give it your best shot, no matter the odds. For me, I learned that strength from my mama, Gwen. She went toe to toe with breast cancer, and though she lost her battle, she fought every step of the way with grace, dignity, humor, and love. She's my prizefighter."

"The album's called 'PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit' because in life, you're going to throw some punches and you’re going to take some, but it’s the entire fight that defines who you are," adds Yearwood.

The album will include the single, 'PrizeFighter,' which she recorded with Kelly Clarkson, as well as hits like 'She's in Love with the Boy,' 'XXX's and OOO's' and 'How Do I Live.' 'PrizeFighter' is set to be released on Gwendolyn Records/RCA Nashville on Nov. 17. The album is now available for pre-order via GhostTunes.

Trisha Yearwood, 'PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit' Track Listing:

1. 'PrizeFighter' ft. Kelly Clarkson
2. 'Wrong Side of Memphis'
3. 'I Remember You'
4. 'Walkaway Joe' ft. Don Henley
5. 'End of the World'
6. 'In Another's Eyes' with Garth Brooks
7. 'Perfect Love'
8. 'How Do I Live'
9. 'Met Him in a Motel Room'
10. 'She's In Love With the Boy'
11. 'Your Husband's Cheatin' on Us'
12. 'Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love'
13. 'Georgia Rain'
14. 'You Can't Trust the Weatherman'
15. 'XXX's and OOO's'
16. 'The Song Remembers When'

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