Tucker Beathard's "Rock On" video uncovers a truth that social media doesn't always show.

While the song itself tells the story of Beathard missing a girl, the video brings the track to life. At the clip's start, the singer is shown alone in an empty practice space scrolling through photos on Instagram until he stops on one of an ex, who is all smiles. But once the video shows a closeup of her real life in L.A., it is evident that things aren't as perfect as they seem in her photos — she's fighting with her new boyfriend and finding it difficult to get life started out west.

Just as Beathard is getting over her and rehearsing for a show later that night, his ex is shown struggling on her own. Sitting in her car alone, a familiar voice comes on the radio. It's Beathard with "Rock On" and a big smile comes to her face.

“Making a music video definitely felt surreal,” the country singer says. “Even though it isn't really natural for me and the band to have a bunch of cameras around when we're playing, we had some fun with it. Having a song on the radio, and now a music video makes it all feel real. We’ll be out on the road with Dierks this summer, which is crazy too. I can't wait!"

"Rock On" was directed by Good One. Beathard co-wrote the song and plays both lead guitar and drums on the track. He is currently working on his debut album with producer Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon).

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